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yeah i've got a lot to say.

they taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies.

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fangs up, cobra star.
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smell of wine and cigarettes ♦ swear i've heard this song before ♣ well it's different now ♥ that i'm poor and aging ♠ i'll never see this place again
lina. lolina. roflina. malaysia. 22. student. procrastinator. angry child. forgetful. impatient. insomniac. spazzy. random. weird. talkative. quiet. in a band.
i kinda randomly update this livejournal anymore. it used to be about fandom and life but now all i have is just, well, life. and photos of life. and random ramblings about life. yes, i am kinda boring.

i blog here
blogging. food. internet. music. movies. books. jamming. sports. man utd. random mamak sessions in the middle of the night. fashion. photography. gadgets. capoeira. paintball. parkour. dancing. mild seven.

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