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December 2008

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did a small friends cut.
nothing major. just...removing people whom i no longer share interest with, no longer talk as much as before, not as close, or those who just dont update anymore.

if you still wanna know about my boring life, you're free to request for a re-add. actually it'll make your life simpler if you just go and check my blogspot for updates since i update there more nowadays. and of course, if you wanna remove me from your f-list, drop a comment and i'll take you off mine too.

sry if i sound mean. people think i have a tendency to do that. you know. sound mean when i don't really mean it.

it's been fun.


you have blogspot too? whats the new link? i linked your old one, it is dead. D=
the link is up there. under repekan si budak jahat
ahahaha. thanks. found it. will link at my blogspot...tonight XD;
Whoa, I'm still here. Thanks.
I also follow you through blogspot. :)
ya know i actually wanted to do a F-CUT again 2 weeks ago and i thought "wtf am i keep doing this?"

sigh meh...dont even know why ppl bother to add me when they dont have interest and never comment. *shrug*

hope you're doing well there~ *hugs*
i tend to remove ppl and comms off my list randomly if i feel like it. i kinda rather keep it to a minimum this time. malas la nak keep up with so many people.

i'm doing alright. short on cash. but alright i suppose.
it's pretty frequent f-cuts but i wish i can defren ppl and make sure they dun add me back, because srsly, do this ppl even undersatnd who u are and all kan? sigh~

hope ur feeling better alreadY!
well, I still want to read your daily rambling, since it's like what I did most. So if you don't mind reading my daily rambling, I still want to befriend with you.

No same interest? Well, I still think shiina ringo and jihen needs to take the over the world with their music. They're AWESOME!!! I'm just too crazy about that.

Btw whether you realized it or not, you're also on my f-list in facebook, Looking forward to know you better :)
You weren`t mean at all :) You were honest <3

Another person took me off their list recently, and then made a post telling people that she went through her friends list and if she felt that your LJ was boring to her that she took you off.

Now THAT is mean

*GLOMP* <3 Lina