did a small friends cut.
nothing major. just...removing people whom i no longer share interest with, no longer talk as much as before, not as close, or those who just dont update anymore.

if you still wanna know about my boring life, you're free to request for a re-add. actually it'll make your life simpler if you just go and check my blogspot for updates since i update there more nowadays. and of course, if you wanna remove me from your f-list, drop a comment and i'll take you off mine too.

sry if i sound mean. people think i have a tendency to do that. you know. sound mean when i don't really mean it.

it's been fun.


I'm getting busier with life. I'm not following many fandoms anymore. So instead of letting the stuff I have collect dust in my small room, I've decided to let it go. We all have to move on eh?

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friends, please, HELP ME PIMP THIS POST XD
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